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Wild Beet Productions

Levity Beet

Apra NZ and Tui award winning songwriter, music producer and performer Levity Beet works out of Little Blue Studios in Mohua, New Zealand producing, recording, editing and mixing music for film, animation, recording and performing artists and for his own brand of humorous music.

Music Production

I contribute to the creation of your sound recording by organising what is needed to bring your project to fruition and helping develop a vision for the music. 


Wildbeet Productions provides quality recording services for your voice and instruments. We have session musicians for you to use when needing guitars, bass , drum kit, ukulele, mandolin, piano, lead or backing vocals, violin, flute, horns and percussion. Alternatively we can add to your project using samples and midi instruments.

Edit and Mix

Your editing and mixing needs are taken care of in the editing suite at Wildbeet Productions, Mohua - NZ.


We can write or co-write songs for you needs starting from as little as a voice memo or scrawl on a napkin and taking things through to as full or simple a production as the song requires

Music for film

Music for animation

+64 027 588 2338